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Hey folks, time for another vendor feature with one of my favourite wedding venues in Winnipeg… The Gates on Roblin.  Why are they one of my favourites?  The location and venue is beautiful, the food is always delicious and their service is amazing!  Also… they love everything about weddings… they really take care of their guests.  It is always a pleasure to work with them.  The first wedding I photographed in Winnipeg was at the Gates on Roblin and I will never forget that experience:)  It’s also really helpful that they are a full service wedding venue… from fitting the dress on in the morning to the last dance of the evening.  All in one location but if you need to go anywhere, they provide a pimpin hummer limo:)

They hold weddings of all sizes.  In the main house, Nick and his team coordinate all the smaller weddings with indoor or outdoor locations to choose from for your ceremony and reception.  The main ballroom out in the back of the property hosts the larger weddings and is coordinated by Melissa Morrow and her team.  The Gates is also a full service restaurant so if you want a taste, please go check them out… you will love it!  Amanda and I go there for our anniversary each year:)

Thanks so much to the entire team at the Gates for all the passion and quality you put into your work.  See you this wedding season!  Please check out an interview below by Melissa… thanks and enjoy!

The Gates on Roblin

Website: www.thegatesonroblin.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheGatesOnRoblin
Twitter: @morrowmelissa
Instagram: coming soon!
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How long have you been in business?

I have been a part of The Gates team for 3 and a half years!

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If you have a store front or location that clients visit… where is it?

6945 Roblin blvd, our 7 acres back onto the Assinaboine river

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How many weddings to you do per year?

In the ballroom we host between 45-50 weddings per year. We host numerous smaller weddings in our smaller rooms year round.

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What is your businesses “mission statement”?

We try to create a custom wedding for each of our couples. In each wedding I want people to be able to see the bride and grooms personality shine through.

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What is your favorite thing about what you do?

I love getting to know the couples and see everything come together. Each couple has their own story, their own dream, I love to hear what they are looking for in a wedding and make it a reality.

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What is something neat and/or surprising about about what you do behind the scenes?

I personally quality check each and every plate that goes out to our guests. Even if it is a function for 400. Not many people would think this is something we do, but we know how important food is!

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What has been your favourite Wedding to date and why?

I have so many weddings I have loved and all for different reasons. I do love seeing when couples take the time to make a gift for each guest, it is so amazing to know that the busy bride and groom hand painted 200 mini flower pots for each guest.

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What are you most excited about for this Wedding season?

I am excited to see the vintage theme! I really like this one because the possibilities are endless! All of the cute little DIY projects that come in, keep me loving this theme.

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Your best advice to your couples getting married in the planning process?

Surround your self with a good team of people (your florist, photographer, decorator etc) and you will never be stressed. Trust your first reaction and trust the people you are working with. When you find the people who are driven by passion, they will always go the extra mile for you.

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What set’s you apart from all your fellow vendors? What is unique to you?

Location! We have the most amazing set up for a wedding. Outdoor ceremony facing the assinaboine, cocktails and appetizers on your own private deck and a grand ballroom for the formal portion of the evening. At one single venue you have three different locations to host each part of your night.

Food, Each wedding menu is created by the bride and groom, we have 63 appetizer options, 14 different soups, 8 different salads, 29 entree options and 21 desserts to chose from. Each couple will select their favorites to create their perfect wedding meal.

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What’s your funniest story (that you can share)?

One of our Brides had ordered a floral arrangement for the arbor, which never showed up. The maid of Honors bouquet also was not delivered by the florist. with not much time before the ceremony, I sent one of our staff to the florist to pick up the bouquet. While I went and took one flower from each center piece. (there was plenty in each, so no one would notice) With enough flowers I got some pins and tulle, i looped the tulle to the arbor and pinned the flowers to the tulle. I created the floral arrangement that was supposed to have been there, 40 minutes before they said their vows under it. The bride said, “I am so glad I decorated the arbor, it really looked nice in the pictures.” I did not let her know until after the wedding about what the florist forgot to deliver, so she was able to enjoy her day.

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- Curtis

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