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Hey everyone, time to feature another amazing wedding vendor working here in Winnipeg, Manitoba… Deb & Gloria from Floral Elements.  Over the past five years I have worked with this team on numerous occasions and it is always a blast.  Not only for myself, but my couples have had nothing but great things to say about their work and experience.  One of our most memorable weddings together was Tanya & Dara.  Last week I had the pleasure to visit their design studio downtown and take a few photos.  Always a pleasure to work with and I definitely recommend Floral Elements to all of my Brides and Grooms:)  Thanks Gloria & Deb and I’ll see you at the wedding!  Check out the interview below…

Floral Elements

Website: www.floralelements.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/floralelementsdesignstudio
Twitter: @floral_elements
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/floralelements
Instagram: floralelements
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How long have you been in business?

17 years!  We opened our doors as Floral Elements Design Studio in August 2007, prior to this we had a very successful retail shop for 12 years that we sold just before opening our studio.

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Where are you located?

Our studio is located at 669 Logan Ave, we work by appointment and have consultations with our clients at the shop or wherever is most convenient for them.

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How many weddings to you do per year?

Last year we did almost 100 weddings with most of them including bridal party, ceremony and reception décor, the tally for this year is still growing.  Then there are the multitude of other events we do like showers, engagements, birthdays, galas, fund raisers and the list goes on.

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What is your businesses “mission statement”?

Our mission is to provide lush florals with inspired design.   We are committed to providing the best product and service at a very affordable and competitive price.

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What is your favourite thing about what you do?

The most fulfilling and exciting part of what we do is seeing how a wedding venue can be transformed with the decor we design.  The delight our clients have when their vision is captured with the decor makes all the time and effort we put into each event so worthwhile.

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What is something neat and/or surprising about about what you do behind the scenes?

On many occasions our couples have expressed their appreciation for how their decor has just somehow appeared as if by magic.  They don’t get to see all the work we put in to make it come together as we decorate their ceremony and then re-purpose their flowers at the reception, all behind the scenes and timed with precision.

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What has been your favourite Wedding to date and why?

It’s really hard to nail down one favorite.  We truly love the big budget weddings because they present a lot of challenges from purchasing the perfect product in large quantities to planning the logistics of installation and transportation.  We’ve never had an event that was too big!  Then there are the perfect intimate weddings with so much attention to detail that it just wow’s us when it’s all done.

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What are you most excited about for this Wedding season?

We are very excited to be doing some fabulous work with one particular variety of orchid that we haven’t seen a lot of in local weddings.  They have been difficult to get in quantity at a reasonable price and we’re so lucky to have found a wonderful new supplier for them.  We can’t wait to be showcase our designs later this season.

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Your best advice to your couples getting married in the planning process?

If you plan to shop around remember that the lowest prices might not get you what you really want.  Make sure that when you are comparing your vendor’s quotes you are clear on what they will be providing for you.  Ask your florist to provide you with samples of your table centres – this is usually where the majority of your floral budget is spent.  This way you will be sure to get what you really want.

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What set’s you apart from all your fellow vendors? What is unique to you?

We do all of our design in a wonderful studio space situated in an old industrial brick warehouse near downtown, it’s an interesting concept that we thought of trying for many years and we’ve never regretted the change from retail to studio work.  We were inspired by some of the amazing studio florists we have come to love in Toronto and other cities.  We don’t have an actual storefront and are hidden away as we design all of our fabulous events.  It allows us to focus our energy on special events, in particular weddings and has given us a wonderful opportunity to serve our event clients in a fresh new way for Winnipeg.

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What’s your funniest story (that you can share)?

Favorite story of how I made a bride cry – twice.  If she reads this she’ll know who she is.  So I delivered the bridal bouquet to the brides home a few hours before her ceremony was to start.  As I entered the house I was surprised by how quiet was, ususally there is a lot of activity, talking, music playing and so on.  But not this time, until I heard the bride call me into her dressing room after uttering some profanities to one of her attendants.  This should have been my first clue that things might not go so well.  As the bride took a look at her bouquet for the first time (usually a very emotional time for my brides – in a good way), she had a few more choice words and let me know very clearly that these were not her flowers then burst into tears.  It took a little time but I was able to coax out some feedback and gently let her know that I would be back shortly with what she wanted, although I knew perfectly well that I had just delivered the exact bouquet she had carefully chosen with our designer Gloria.  I drove like mad back to my shop and had one of our designers tweak the bouquet just enough and I was off to deliver the bouquet for the second time.  This time when I arrived at the brides home things were a little different, she met me at the door and after taking a quick look at her bouquet she burst into tears for the second time exclaiming how perfect and beautiful the bouquet was – exactly what she dreamed it would be.  We’ve bumped into each other now and then since her wedding and every time we both have a good laugh at how her flowers made her cry twice and to this day she apologizes for her out of control emotions on her wedding day.

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Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your business to share?

Gloria and I have been part of our local wedding and special event industry for over 17 years and still love it.  Our many years of experience has given us the expertise we need to make our clients floral and decor dreams come true.  We are excited and look forward to working with Winnipeg brides for many more years to come.


- Curtis

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