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Apart from my lovely Clients, Wedding Vendors are very important to me… many of us share the same passion, commitment and excitement towards the one thing we love very much… weddings!   Academy Florists is one of those Vendors:)  I had the privilege of photographing members from the team a couple of weeks ago… along with some unbelievable floral arrangements!  Please check out the interview below to see what they are all about:)  Meet Irene (Owner), Kayla, Heather, Kimberly & Lauren…  Thanks so much girls!

Academy Florists

Website: www.academy-florists.com or weddingflowerswinnipeg.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AcademyFloristWeddings
Twitter: @academyflorist
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/academyflorist
Instagram: academyfloristswinnipeg
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How long have you been in business?

Academy Florist has been around for 32 years, and before that, owner Irene owned another florist shop – you could say that we have a “bit” of experience!

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If you have a store front or location that clients visit… where is it?

We actually have three individual shops as well as a main office (which is where we do our wedding consultations). Our stores are at 1857 Grant Avenue, 1235 Pembina Highway, and 17 Marion Street. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll meet in our bridal room at 20-62 Scurfield Boulevard.

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How many weddings to you do per year?

Each year we do over 100 weddings – we have 5 dedicated wedding designers, which means that we can handle PLENTY of brides to perfection!

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What is your businesses “mission statement”?

We strive to provide not only quality flowers, but unparalleled quality in our designs and customer service as well. We choose dedicated service with integrity over taking the easy way out, every single time.

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What is your favourite thing about what you do?

We get to do so many fun things, but our absolute favourite is when we have a custom-designed wedding order, in which we can put together our dream combinations of flowers and colours into the perfect style for our brides. Our favourite moments? When we pull the perfect flowers out of the cooler to show a bride during her consultation and her eyes light up…. and then of course when she sees the finished product and we know, it’s perfect!

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What is something neat and/or surprising about about what you do behind the scenes?

We have 3000 square feet of designing and inventory space, including a large cooler that allows us to stock all kinds of flower varieties—this means we can show all these different varieties to brides when they come in for consultations. Every time someone comes in to our studio space, they are always blown away at how big of an area we have at our disposal. What does this mean? It means that you can see the flowers you’ve chosen before making a final decision.

We’ve also started something new this year—we’re growing some of our own plants! We’re testing out with a few varieties to see how it goes, so that we know we’ll be able to supply our brides with popular blooms for their big days.

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What has been your favourite wedding to date and why?

It’s so hard to pick—we have done many that we love! Any wedding with unique details or flowers we don’t normally get to use always stand out as favorites. Our best designs come out when brides give us a colour and let us run with it. Just a few weekends ago, one of our brides gave us a general colour scheme and one direction: lots of texture. The result was one of our absolute favourite bouquets of all time: colourful roses, hydrangea, billy balls, orchids, stocks… stunning! She loved it!

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What are you most excited about for this wedding season?

We love all of our brides for different reasons, but this year, we’re looking forward to a LOT of variety! We have everything from glitz and glam and high style, to garden-inspired, freestyle weddings. There is such diversity, and each of our designers has a different specialty, so each of us gets to play with something we’re incredibly excited about— birch poles, composite bouquets, wire accents, and kaleidoscopic colour.

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Your best advice to your couples getting married in the planning process?

Of our dedicated wedding team of 6, 3 of us have been married in the past 3 years. So, we know what you’re going through. Our best advice when it comes to flowers (and choosing your florist!) is to listen to your instincts and be honest about it. If you don’t feel 100% about something we show you in your consult, then speak up! We’ll find another style or flower that will be perfect for you instead. Another piece of advice is to trust the pros that you’ve hired. You’ve chosen us for a reason, and it’s in our best interests to make sure that everything for your big day goes perfectly!

When we get a good sense for a bride’s personality and style, we know we can put together the best wedding bouquet possible, and that’s why we do personalized consultations with our dedicated wedding consultant.

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What set’s you apart from all your fellow vendors? What is unique to you?

In a word, experience. Academy Florist has been Winnipeg’s #1 florist since 1980 and we’ve consistently been chosen as the top wedding florist on WeddingsInWinnipeg.ca as well as annual winners of the Consumer’s Choice Awards. But above and beyond our years of experience and formal training, we try to connect with all of our brides on a personal level, which means that we can do better to fit each bride’s personality, budget, and style into her wedding.

We also have direct relationships with growers in Ecuador, Columbia, Holland, Australia, New Zealand and of course in Canada and the United States. If a bride wants something and it is humanly possible to get it, we have the connection to get it. And, we stock more flowers on a regular basis than even local wholesalers, let alone individual florist shops.

Plus, we genuinely ENJOY our work!

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What’s your funniest story (that you can share)?

Anytime we end up working late into the night, we usually throw an impromptu dance party. Seeing the girls bust a move at midnight and singing our hearts out to Carrie Underwood usually ends up with some rolling-on-the-floor giggles.

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- Curtis

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