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Nita & Sumit

I have always said that East Indian weddings can be the decathlons of wedding photography.  Instead of one day, it can be 4 to 7 days. The days can be much longer starting with rituals early in the morning till late at night.  When it comes to the photography, the cultural differences are very noticeable as well.  For most of my weddings I am expected to blend in and not be intrusive.  They demand the opposite for the common Indian wedding… they want you front and centre capturing every single movement and tradition.

I absolutely love them… the color, the tradition, and the complete love of two large (and I mean large) families coming together.  Not just the bride and groom… but the parents, the grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.  Nita & Sumit commissioned me for four days of coverage including one full day similar to a regular wedding day.  Each multi day wedding is customized in coverage and priced to meet the needs of each couple.  

“ Curtis—thank you so much for capturing the all of the emotions surrounding our engagement and wedding festivities-- the important moments and even seemingly unimportant ones. The truth is, when I was on my hunt for a photographer, it was inevitable that I needed to find someone who’s style matched my taste and someone who consistently takes beautiful photos. But beyond this, for me, it was the connection with the photographer. This is the person, after all, you will share the most important day of your life with and I’m certainly happy it was you. ”

Nita & Sumit Fairmont Hotel - Winnipeg, Manitoba