Thanks so much for approving your album layout design! Now it's time to choose a cover material. Scroll through the options below and please let me know what material is your favourite. If you are having a tough time, let me know what your options are and I can help you out. You are also welcome to stop by the studio and see them in person. Thanks and enjoy...

Cover material options

This may seem overwhelming but not to worry… I’m here to help.  Simply write down your top 2 or 3 materials and let me know and I can give you further advice and send you a video of the material swatches if needed.  We can also meet in person to go through the physical swatches and album examples together… have fun!


The Heirloom Album comes with one or two leathers included.  There are a few cover upgrades that are stunning and elivate the beautify of these gorgeous art albums.

Metal or Acrylic Cover Upgrade – This includes a photo of your choice on the cover in a metal print or underneath Acrylic – $300 Upgrade

Matching leather album case$200

More luxury album upgrades?  Yes!  If you want more stunning details added to your album like embossed names or specialty textured papers from inside the front and back panels, please reach out to me and I will show you the good.


When people talk about saving things from a house fire, it’s always the photo albums they want. Also, now that I’ve had past clients have families, it’s their kids that love the photo albums even more than them. These books aren’t just for you, they are heirlooms for your families.

You probably do!  Albums have been included in almost all of my wedding collections since the Summer of 2020.  The 8×8 Storybook album is included in wedding collections 1 and 2 while the 10×13 Heirloom album is included in collections 3 & 4. If you are not sure what is included in your wedding collection, please review your booking contract or contact me anytime.

3 to 4 weeks after I have photographed your wedding, I will send a beautiful online pre-design of what your wedding album could look like. I’ll custom design your album and in your design consult you’ll get to make any changes you’d like before I send it off to print.

Yes, great idea!  Easy peezey… Each parent album is a slightly smaller replica of your wedding album for $400 each.

Yes! I can show you all sorts of samples of albums in my studio and help plan your perfect storybook album from start to finish. CLICK HERE to schedule a time with Curtis!

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There’s so many good stories in here. Have a look around! Looking for something specific?




Tell us about yourselves and your day. We’ll get you availability and pricing info within a few hours.  Feel free to reach us directly at or 204-688-4186