Alyssa & Iruobe – African Wedding at Whitetail Meadow, Manitoba


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I’ve never photographed a Nigerian wedding and Alyssa & Iruobe were my first of two for this year.  I have shot so many different kinds of cultural weddings over the years… Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Mennonite, Coptic, Catholic, Ukrainian, Sri Lankan and more… What an honour and an adventure!  Most of those are turned up to a 9 or 10 on a scale of interesting and awesomeness… Nigerian is my new 11, LOL!  Such a party and tight bond of family and friends.  I would LOVE the opportunity someday to photograph one in Africa.

You can see some highlights from their pre-wedding event. Bringing the families together and some traditions to bring them together even closer.  Maybe even some bribery with dollar dollar bills, LOL!  Then it was the wedding day adventure with family & friends and it was so perfect.  Except for that one time we went out for sunset picks and had to run back for cover when a storm came in;)  Even that was perfect actually;)  Check it all out below and enjoy!  Thanks so much you two!  C


Alyssa & Iruobe – African Wedding at Whitetail Meadow, Manitoba


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