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Hello, my name is Curtis Moore, hence the brilliant company name behind Moore Photography.  I was born in Saskatchewan, lived in Alberta for a lifetime, and now reside in Winnipeg with my two kids, my girlfriend, her two kids, my parents, two puppy’s and sometimes, a hamster.  Not all in the same house.  I grew up infatuated with the cinema, movies and television and went to film school to learn how to make stories.  After the birth of my daughter Bethany, I began to photograph and capture her story, and I loved doing that, yada yada yada, weddings.  Photographing weddings, to me, was like living in those movies and television shows I grew up on, while capturing different and unique stories every weekend.  When I delivered my first wedding album to a couple, and they cried, and then 10 years later, they expressed to me how important having that album filled with their story was to them, that experience, and many others like that is what drives me to photograph weddings.  

I would LOVE the opportunity to learn a little bit about you and your partner and your wedding.  I would also LOVE the opportunity for you to LOVE me back, and want me to photograph your Wedding and Engagement!  Let’s chat.  Get started by entering your info and wedding date here, and if you want to schedule a time for a video/phone chat, CLICK HERE to do that now.  Thank you!

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