Glen & Veronique – Red Rock Canyon Engagement Session, Nevada


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Not to far from the Vegas Strip, you can find a beautiful spot for a hike… Red Rock Canyon.  Massive in size.  Trails sprouting out in all directions that could keep you busy, and possibly lost, for days.  These two had a great time here on their first trip so we all headed out for some fun and stunning scenery together.  

It was so beautiful in fact, that Amanda and I decided to cancel our planned trip to the Grand Canyon that week.  What a perfect afternoon!

Oh yes… after the hike, Veronique really wanted a “cheesy” photo in front of the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.  To be perfectly fitting, when we arrived, there was an officiant performing a double wedding ceremony right in front of it, LOL!  You can see a glimpse of the two brides together wearing feather boas in the background of a photo… enjoy!

Do you want to see the photos from their wedding? Check them out in all their glory again right HERE!   

Glen & Veronique – Red Rock Canyon Engagement Session, Nevada


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