Jennifer & Jamie – Intimate Wedding at Munson Park, Winnipeg


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An intimate wedding in Winnipeg. The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused many couples to change their wedding plans in Winnipeg and Manitoba. Some couples postpone until “normal life” resumes, and others simplify their plans and say yes. Jennifer & Jamie REALLY simplified their wedding plans to get married. Just four people. A bride, A groom, and two witnesses… the commissioner (Marla Paul from It’s your Wedding) and the photographer, me!

Jennifer & Jamie’s dinner celebration was at the amazing 529 Wellington in Winnipeg, so we met next to that in Munson Park to get all married and make photo memories together. The weather was perfect and the wedding was all smiles and laughs.

It has been really fun and a complete honor to be able to work and photograph these smaller, more intimate weddings during the pandemic. I do miss the large parties. But until the vaccine is all rolled out, and this weird and stressful pandemic comes to an end, which it will, then it’s just loving on a smaller scale. I’m very ok with that.

Are you planning and making “Covid” changes to your wedding this summer? I would LOVE the opportunity to capture it for you! Check out these other smaller weddings that made the adjustment and still went ahead safely to get married. Tina & Nick at the Ralph Connor House and Jariet & Ric with food trucks at Assiniboine Park.

Thanks and congrats to Jennifer & Jamie!

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