Lacey & Jesse Anniversary – Lake Como, Italy adventure


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Lacey & Jesse were married in June of 2017… they were amazing to photograph then, and just as amazing today.  Yes, a wedding in 2017 was not enough… this was their Trilogy.  A (secret) before the wedding, a kick-ass wedding in Manitoba and to finish it off, an adventure to their favorite place in the world… Lake Como, Italy.

This is a busy summer for me, but I couldn’t pass up a trip to Italy mid-wedding season, LOL!  It was a 5 day adventure between weddings and kids at home.  We met in Milan for a night shoot at the Duomo and then travelled up to Lake Como for a private boat ride to their favourite Vila on an Island.  We photographed into the night across the river and then parted ways so they could enjoy their honeymoon. 

I was lucky enough to tour some amazing towns before heading back home and getting my laptop back from Air Canada, LOL!  (I forgot it on the way there)

Thanks so much fo you two for this opportunity and see you at the next anniversary!  C

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