Manjot & Sumeet – Part II of III


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And now for part II of III of Manjot & Sumeet’s Indian wedding celebration! This one is MUCH larger than the last one so take a seat and enjoy the fun;) 

There must have been close to 100 little traditions throughout the day but I’ll keep this breakdown simple and general for all you visitors. I’ll just say that if “normal weddings” are the 100m race, then these Indian weddings are the decathlon of weddings by far. We begin getting getting ready at 5am until ending at around 8pm.

The wedding day begins with getting ready on both sides. A lot of jewelry and clothing for the bride and bridesmaids and a turban and sword and traditional clothing for the groom. Then the Baraat… basically the groom’s side marching and dancing through the streets with drummers to arrive to the ceremony location. We all enter the Gurdwara ceremony room and all the guests pay their respects with prayer.  Shoes come off, men wear a headpiece (even us) and men are on one side and women on the other. An hour long Sikh ceremony happens. After the ceremony we head out for some creative portraits and then back to the brides house for Dholi. The Dholi is where you see the emotional outpouring from the bride and her family members. This means the bride is leaving her home. Such a beautiful event to witness. Then we head to the grooms house for some rituals and games that is a warm welcome to the bride from the grooms family.

The next post, we rock some creative portraits and then its time for the reception party.  Thanks  so much you two and congrats!

Manjot & Sumeet – Part II of III


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