Marli & Josh – Jewish Wedding at the Gates on Roblin


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Welcome to my first Jewish wedding of 2013 with Marli & Josh:)  This day was pure awesome from start to finish… the weather forecast didn’t really phase them a bit and they were prepared for anything… even rain.  After getting dressed up and ready in the morning, we headed out to the country, their favourite setting.  We even came across a sweet old barn as a back drop.

Marli and her girls were smart… they prepared for the rain with rubber boots and umbrellas.  It’s no problem for me to photograph in the rain… the most important thing is to move slowly and carefully so the girls do not get their hair wet… not a drop!  Or frizz city, LOL!  So we take our time and the shots are always worth the effort:)

After the first look and photos with the party… we headed over to The Gates on Roblin for the rest of the days festivities.  In a traditional Jewish wedding… the Bride and Groom actually get “Married” before the big ceremony in a private (immediate family) setting.  To sign the Ketubah (a Jewish pre-nup) and then perform the Badeken (un-veiling).  Funny story… years and years ago (in Genesis)… Jacob married the wrong girl because the new in-laws played a trick and veiled someone else.  So now… it is custom for the groom to un-viel the bride before just to make sure:)

What a great day and Congrats you two!!!  Stay tuned for the Ceremony and Reception party coming right up:)  

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