Meghan & Randy – Small-Big Wedding at Bella’s Castle, Manitoba

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This was a great day… Meghan & Randy’s wedding out at Bella’s Castle in Morden, Manitoba. This beautiful wedding was a long time in the making and JUST came under the wire thanks to Covid. I photographed Meghan’s sweet-sixteen wayyyyy back in the day when I first started in photography. Meghan and Randy met at school as teachers and spent more than a year planning their dream wedding. The wedding was to be at a different location but Covid restrictions went down to 10 people in that area… so last-minute, they changed everything to Bella’s Castle in Morden and they did such a great job accommodating this party. Just look at all of the amazing moments here… congrats and love you guys! C

Meghan & Randy – Small-Big Wedding at Bella’s Castle, Manitoba

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