Rachelle & Mathieu – In the Clouds – Hot Air Balloon Wedding


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Good Monday morning everyone!  I’m not sure where to start here… there is just too much to love about this couple, family and group of friends.  It was such a beautiful wedding day… we started with the girls getting ready in town and then headed out to the country to meet up with Mathieu, his wonderful daughter Tianna and the guys.  It was a long day of events but very relaxing… as you can see there are more photos than most posts because of that.  A full day of beautiful moments between Matt, Rachelle, Tianna and all the friends and family and amazing details… what a party!  We arrived to the ceremony & reception which was held on the family farm out in Lorette, Manitoba.  Everything was planned and setup by Glamorous Occasions with some wood work from dad.  The florals were provided by Fancy Fleurs and the lines by Little Linens.

The coolest thing ever… a hot air balloon surprise!  It was a tent reception and at the end of Mathieu’s speech he gave Rachelle kiss, took her by the hand and led everyone outside the tent.  What a surprise it was!  The excitement level for everyone was a pleasure to witness.  Rachelle, Matt and Tianna climbed into the basket and I got waved in for the ride as well.  What an experience… a must for everyone reading this!  We went up high into the clouds and landed across the road in a field.  What a wild ride!  Thanks so much Rachelle, Mattieu and Tianna… I’m so happy for all of you:)  Enjoy!

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