The Best Locations for Your Wedding and Engagement Photos in Winnipeg


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Hey friends, I’m Curtis from Moore Photography! As we dive into another vibrant wedding season, I’m excited to unveil the hidden gems and iconic spots that make Winnipeg a photographer’s playground. Whether you’re celebrating your wedding day or planning an engagement session, this city and its surroundings offer a picturesque backdrop for every couple’s story.

While many couples love the simplicity and beauty of celebrating their entire wedding day at one venue, it’s perfectly fine if you prefer not to turn your special day into an extensive photo shoot. Capturing all your moments in one cherished place can be just as magical. If you’ve read my previous post, ‘TOP 25 MOST POPULAR WINNIPEG WEDDING VENUES,’ you’ll know that I can capture stunning photos at each of those venues, whether it’s for couples or entire wedding parties.

However, for those who dream of a little adventure, or want to capture diverse backdrops, I’m here to guide you through Winnipeg’s most scenic spots.

This guide is especially handy for engagement sessions, where we can wander without the rush of a wedding day itinerary. Without guests waiting and with more time at our disposal, we can explore these locations thoroughly, allowing us to focus on capturing your personal love story in a relaxed and meaningful way.

a bride and groom walking down an empty street in the winnipeg exchange district in black and white

Iconic Winnipeg Locations:

Downtown and Winnipeg Exchange District

Downtown Winnipeg is a photographic playground, and I’ve had more adventures here than I can count! The Exchange District blends historic architecture with modern street art—perfect for an urban vibe with flair. I’m that photographer who’ll scale buildings for the perfect cityscape angle (don’t worry, always safely!). Rainy days? We’ll duck into Allure Studios for uber-trendy indoor sets.

But the real magic happens when we let the streets surprise us. Fancy a rooftop parkade skyline moment? I’ll get us there. Candids in a quirky patio bar? You’ve got it. Alleyway mural backdrops? This is our turf! Every corner sparks new inspiration for me to craft spontaneous, unforgettable shots. It’s this only-in-Winnipeg energy that makes downtown a photographer’s dream backdrop. While the sights like the Insta-worthy murals and grandeur of the Parliament buildings are striking, it’s my eye for storytelling that brings those scenes to life. Just gotta embrace the chaos and charm of our legendary downtown…and let me capture its essence!

a shadow of a bride and groom running through the alleyways in the historic winnipeg exchange district.
I love the old buildings in the exchange! Free for all to play in except for the occasional parking payment.

The Forks

The Forks – This place isn’t just for tourists – it’s a full-on fusion of Winnipeg’s history and modern vibes. From the riverwalk to the indoor markets, The Forks has you covered rain, snow, or shine for photo ops galore. Just don’t forget to feed the meter!

This bustling hub seamlessly connects to other prime locations too. A stone’s throw away is the stunning St. Boniface Cathedral area with its classic architecture and cheeky skyline backdrops. Then there’s the crown jewel, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (insert photo). This architectural masterpiece provides out-of-this-world, mosaic-like backdrops you won’t find anywhere else. Pro tip: You can actually book sessions inside the museum itself by making an appointment and paying a little fee. Totally worth it for those striking modern angles!

Whether you’re capturing the energy of The Forks markets or using it as a launching pad to nearby hot spots, this area is a photographer’s buffet of options. The variety! The vibrancy! No wonder it’s a longtime favorite for me.

Assiniboine Park

Assiniboine Park – This place is a photographer’s wonderland that transforms with every season. Need a lush, floral garden backdrop? You’ve got the iconic English Gardens and Leo Mol Sculpture Garden trails. Looking for more natural vibes? Let’s venture into the park’s serene forests and fields. Or we can get whimsical around the duck pond with its charming bridges.
That’s just scratching the surface! The park’s crowning glory is the stunning architectural marvel that is the Leaf Bio dome. This modern glass oasis provides a jaw-dropping indoor option when good ol’ Winnipeg weather decides to, well, do its thing. From tropics to prairies, we can explore recreated eco-systems all in one session!

With its diverse landscapes and scenery, Assiniboine Park is a location that keeps on giving no matter what vibe or season you’re going for. Lush florals, rustic woodlands, sleek modern lines – it’s all here and then some. Plus, admission to the park and bio dome is on me with your booking! This oasis in the city provides endless inspiration.

A bride and groom sitting on a bench under a beautiful spring floral tree, surrounded by fresh floral in Assiniboine park in the English garden

Assiniboine Forest

Right next to Assiniboine Park, you’ll find Assiniboine Forest tucked away in the city’s southwest. It’s this huge, peaceful spot with loads of towering trees and winding trails—perfect if you’re looking for a quiet, natural setting for your photos. It feels like you’re miles away from the city hustle, yet it’s just a stone’s throw from urban Winnipeg. Great for couples who want to sneak away from the crowd and have a tranquil backdrop for their shots.

An engaged couple, holding hands and walking down a path at Assiniboine Forest

Manitoba Legislative Building

Fancy a shot with some stately elegance? The Leg offers both indoor and outdoor options. Booking is easy and free, but remember, it’s a bit stricter inside.

A riding room, walking down a staircase at dusk at the Manitoba legislative building

Upper Fort Garry

If you’re getting hitched at the Manitoba Club or the Fort Garry Hotel, then Upper Fort Garry is practically your backyard—and it’s just a skip away from The Forks too! This spot is not just rich in history; it’s got loads of charm with its old gates and beautifully landscaped grounds. If you’re rocking a wedding dress and don’t mind a few honks from the bustling Broadway and Main, you’re going to love it here. Seriously, it’s a killer spot for those timeless wedding or engagement photos. And hey, the occasional car horn just adds to the downtown vibe, right? 😄

A bride and groom with their wedding party, walking in the sunlight under tree branches at upper Fort Gary in Winnipeg Manitoba

St. Vital Park

With its expansive duck pond and picturesque footbridges, St. Vital Park is a favorite among couples for its lush scenery and vibrant seasonal colors. It’s an ideal spot for romantic strolls and stunning photographs by the water.

Walking and holding hands in the nature park down the path

St. Boniface Cathedral

St. Boniface Cathedral is a real gem for wedding and engagement photos, with its striking architecture and historic ruins that pack a dramatic punch. The mix of old stone walls and modern touches gives the place a vibe full of character and a bit of drama. I also love shooting across the street at the nunnery—talk about a spot with a killer view of downtown Winnipeg! It’s just the right blend of old-world charm and urban scenery for some truly epic shots.

If you want to book this on the weekend, especially for your wedding… you need to reserve a time or you might get kicked off the grounds. Book a spot here.

Room holding hands, and walking with the Winnipeg river and architecture in the background

Fort Whyte Alive

This nature reserve is perfect for couples who love wildlife and the outdoors. With its lakes, forested areas, and floating boardwalks, Fort Whyte Alive provides a dynamic and engaging landscape for capturing nature-infused moments. You do have to pay an admission fee at the door… check their website for open times.

Engaged couple, holding hands and walking through grass

Trappist Monastery Ruins

The ruins of the Trappist Monastery in St. Norbert are hauntingly beautiful—like something straight out of a fairy tale. With historic stone walls framed by lush greenery, it’s a mystical and romantic spot that’s just perfect for wedding or engagement photos. The contrast between the old stones and the natural surroundings really adds a touch of magic, making it ideal for capturing all the joy and romance of your special moments.

Bride and groom, dancing for a wedding photo, surrounded by a stone wall at the Trappest monastery in Winnipeg Manitoba

Birds Hill Provincial Park

With its variety of natural settings and sprawling grounds, Birds Hill gives you a total escape from the city. Why wouldn’t it be the perfect place to take couples for unforgettable photo sessions? Between the dense forests, wide open fields and meadows, and even a beach area, we can create a whole photography adventure capturing all the moods and vibes. An entire engagement or wedding photo storyline can unfold seamlessly across Birds Hill’s diverse backdrops.

One thing to keep in mind though? Late spring is definitely prime time for ticks and poison ivy to come out to play. So as we’re frolicking through the scenic fields and trails, let’s keep an eye out for those little buggers (and their irritating plant counterparts)! An occupational hazard when exploring the wilderness…but so worth it for these breathtaking views and meaningful couple portraits.

You should have a provincial park pass… either one day or full year to avoid getting a $20ish ticket…

Bride and groom, embracing and smiling in a forest during a golden sunset

Beyond the City:

For those adventurous souls, why not a day trip to Grand Beach or Steep Rock? Incredible landscapes but plan for travel time, especially if it’s for your big day.

Running across the beach with a lake in the background for an engagement photo

Hidden Gems:

University of Winnipeg

Sometimes the best spots are tied to your own stories, like where you met. The University of Winnipeg offers stunning architectural backgrounds, and if you’ve got the connections, maybe we sneak into that special lecture hall?

A bride and groom holding hands and laughing in front of a building in Winnipeg Manitoba

“The Beer Can” secret spot

I personally call this spot ‘the Bveer Can,’ a little code name I use because it’s right across the street from an outdoor summer bar of the same name. While the bar itself buzzes with activity, the location I’m referring to is quite different—a beautiful, serene green wall that provides a perfect backdrop for photography. It’s an ideal spot for a wedding party to pull up in a limo and snap some vibrant, fun photos or for capturing intimate moments during an engagement session. Its proximity to the legislative building adds to its appeal, making it easily accessible and a wonderful contrast to the more formal architecture nearby

Bride and groom, embracing in front of a vine wall for a wedding photo

Cooks Creek Catholic Church

Out towards Birds Hill, this little gem offers a unique, rustic backdrop for those looking for something a little different from the usual city scenes.

Bride and groom, embracing in front of a fancy building on a sunny day

Practical Tips:

When it comes to the timing of your session, the magical golden hour—just after sunrise or before sunset—provides a naturally soft, glowing light that can truly elevate your photos. However, the beauty of photography is that with the right perspective, any time of day can deliver stunning results. Whether it’s the early morning light that captures a fresh start or the dramatic shadows cast by an afternoon sun, each part of the day offers its own unique mood and opportunities.

Consider the personal touch of having your session in places that mean the most to you. Your own home, for instance, can be the perfect setting for intimate and deeply personal photographs. The comfort and familiarity of your living space not only put you at ease but also help in capturing your true personalities in the most natural way.

For those who have a special connection to their vehicles, incorporating your car or motorcycle can add a unique, personal element to your session, reflecting your style and interests. Similarly, if you’re planning a wedding at a golf course or a country venue, these locations are absolutely stunning during sunset, offering expansive, beautifully lit landscapes that make for breathtaking backdrops.

If you have access to a local farm, fields of crops or flowering meadows can provide a rustic and serene setting, especially during the golden hours when the light is just right. And let’s not forget the furriest members of your family! Bringing your pets into your session not only brings joy but also adds a fun, lively element to your photos.

Local coffee shops or your favorite cafes are another great option, especially for couples looking for a cozy, casual vibe. These spots often feature unique decor and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for couples who want to capture their everyday moments of joy and love.

Ultimately, the location and timing of your photography session should reflect who you are as a couple. It’s all about capturing your stories, your way. Whether it’s a grand historical building or your backyard, each place has the potential to tell your unique love story through beautiful, meaningful images.

Winnipeg is more than just a city; it’s a backdrop to your love story. Whether it’s the place you fell in love, your first home, or a dream destination, each spot has the potential to frame your moments beautifully. Want to explore these locations or find new ones together? Let’s chat and make it happen.

Ready to capture your love in Winnipeg’s most beautiful spots? Contact me, and let’s create unforgettable memories together!

The Best Locations for Your Wedding and Engagement Photos in Winnipeg


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