I’ve been photographing weddings for more than a decade, so I make sure to spend my energy on the things that are most important to my clients: Making the process fast, easy and fun. I pride myself and my team in quick turnaround times, an easy and personalized experience, and never forgetting that my couples are the most important part of my work. Here’s a look at how things work…


Booking me for your wedding photography is super easy. You’re here reading this now, so the process has already begun, and the next step is for us to get to know each other a little bit. Since my work is so personal, I love to chat and hear about what your plans are for your day. Please send me a message or book a consultation time and I’ll send you my pricing details and we can chat soon.

After the meeting, booking me is as easy peasy. Just say the word and we’re there. I’ll send you a contract and invoice and ask for the initial deposit ($1000 for most weddings).


This is a perfect time for us to work together before the wedding, get to know each other, and make magic. I recommend going to a place you love or doing something that you love to do together. Your photos will be a reflection of who you are now, in this moment. Soon things may change, but engagement photos give you a chance to remember this time in your lives forever.  I recommend scheduling these a few weeks/months in advance.


I love helping out with wedding plans. Whether you want some suggestions with timing, to brainstorm ideas or just get advice, please reach out at any time!

I’ll get in touch about 1-2 months before the wedding to get all the details and have a chat through the plan to make sure everything is in place.


The moments leading up to the wedding are some of the most intimate and real moments we get to capture. Not only does it get you some great photos hanging out with loved ones, but it also helps your friends get comfortable with us (which helps a lot when the party starts).

I recommend being there for around 1-2 hours of getting ready to get some photos of the process (hair/makeup/dress/suit). It’s a good idea to save anything fun until we arrive. Even if that’s something simple like a groom shaving or even showering, LOL!. Action equals real moments… and I love real moments.


We all love some amazing, beautiful and creative wedding portraits. My goal is to make these natural and real. I want to represent you, whether that’s romantic, abstract or goofy. You can relax and be yourself. Leave the rest up to us.

For weddings without a gap between the ceremony and cocktail hour, I recommend doing a first look. They’re great and allow you to experience your whole wedding after. As a general guideline, we’d love to have around 45 minutes (or more) to shoot with the bride and groom, 45 minutes for the bridal party and 30 minutes with the family.


Wedding ceremonies come in all shapes and sizes and locations. From traditional, to ‘we’re marrying ourselves on a hot air balloon’… I’ve seen it all. We’ll shoot in a respectful and discrete manor to make sure the focus is where it should be… on you!

We recommended finishing any pre-ceremony photos 30 minutes before the wedding and allowing a little extra time afterwards for your guests to file out.


Often my clients will ask about family photos. While I don’t show them on our Blog too often, we do shoot them at every wedding. I’ll reach out to get a list from you of the important people and groupings and will take care of it from there… so you don’t have to be the photo wrangler.  Although, if you think I need one with you family, I’ll take it, LOL!

I recommend taking family photos with your immediate family, grandparents and any other meaningful relationships. If you’d like larger family groups, let me know and we can talk through the best time/method for doing it.


It’s party time baby!. By the time the reception rolls around, I’ll have all the info I need to document your night and you can worry about what’s important: Have a blast!

I’ll coordinate with your MC and make sure to be around for all the important moments. When the music starts, we’ll be right there with you documenting the craziness. Typically my couples have us stay to get all the formalities and some dancing… or all of it!


Do you really want to see your wedding photos on a tiny phone screen while you’re by yourself in the bathroom on your lunch break? I didn’t think so. Instead, schedule a romantic date night, complete with your favourite takeout and cocktails. Snuggle up on the couch with your boo, and see your wedding photos for the first time TOGETHER. 

Reveal day might just be the best day ever. You know, next to wedding day.


I love to be efficient. You’ll be invited to a private online screening together to see you wedding photos first!  This will be 3 to 4 weeks after your big day.  You’ll then see a preview of your photos on my Blog… Then you’ll get all your photos in your private online gallery within 6 weeks (usually sooner).

If you have an album coming, I’ll take care of the design and will help guide you through the process of choosing images or making changes. It’s all super simple and meant to get you everything super quick.

If our past clients are any indication, you’ll be looking through your wedding album and reliving your favourite moments


Oh yes, and then after everything is done and your life moves on beautifully… I’m always here to photograph the next stages in your relationship and family together.  

Thanks so much for making me an important part of your lives… its a true honour!


Step 1     Email me to schedule a meeting and book or book a meeting now HERE.
Step 2     I’ll send you a contract & invoice.
Step 3     Send me a deposit (1/3 of your total)


Anytime     Email me to schedule your session.
-2 Weeks     I’ll send you a questionnaire.
Day Of     Have fun and bring drinks!
+1 Week     I’ll blog some of my favourites.
+2 Weeks     You’ll get your online gallery & digital files.


Anytime     Email me any questions or to add coverage/products to your collection
5 Weeks     I’ll send a questionnaire & final balance.
Before     I’ll call you to hash the final details out.

Wedding Day

Laugh, cry, kiss and party the night away.


1 Week     I’ll share a couple sneak peeks.
3 Weeks     You’ll have a private online premier of your wedding & your online gallery will be presented to you.
1 Year     Your online gallery expires.  Order your prints before this.


3 Weeks     View your album pre-design and make changes online.
+3 Weeks     Your album will arrive 3 weeks after final approval.


Print     The best way to remember your images is to look at them every single day.
Save     You are the owner and protector of your digital files.  Please back them up and keep them safe!
More     I would love to photograph your family’s growth into the future… I’ll be waiting with excitement to work with you again!


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