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Indian Weddings… what I have always deemed the “decathlon of wedding photography”, LOL! Usually not just one special day, but a whole week of traditions, rituals, and festivities.

The Joy of Indian Wedding Photography

Indian weddings are my favourite! They are colourful and beautiful, full of energy and tradition, and I always feel part of a giant loving family by the end of the week. The vibrancy, the emotions, and the cultural richness make Indian weddings a photographer’s dream. As someone who has photographed over 100 Indian and cultural weddings, I bring a wealth of experience and passion to each celebration.

Diverse Traditions and Celebrations

I have photographed more than 100 Indian and cultural weddings throughout the past 15 years, including Sikh, Hindu, Sri Lankan, and Pakistani wedding traditions. From Mendhi and Sangeet to Miayan, Baraat, and Dholi, I’ve witnessed and captured it all. Each event is unique, and I take pride in understanding and respecting the diverse customs and rituals that make Indian weddings so special.

Tailored Services for Every Celebration

I photograph approximately 50/50 Sikh and Hindu weddings, including many Punjabi celebrations. The days of coverage will differ depending on the families’ wants and needs. Some cultural weddings I photograph are only one day of coverage, starting at $3500. Most Sikh and Hindu weddings range from two days up to one week. The most common five-day coverage, which begins at $7500 and averages $12,000, includes two photographers, a beautiful hand-made heirloom album, and so much more.

The Journey of a Typical Five-Day Wedding

The typical five-day Indian wedding coverage is a joyous journey. It begins with a fun engagement session before the wedding. (Sometimes I travel for that and it can be 1 year or a week before the wedding or anything in between) During the week of the wedding, it starts small with an hour or so of Henna/Mehndi coverage, followed by 3-4 hours of Maiyan and Choora coverage the next day. An evening of Sangeet dancing and singing (3-4 hours) usually follows. The next night often features the Jago party (4-5 hours), a lively parade through the streets.

On the big wedding day, I start with getting ready photos on both sides, capturing the Barat celebration, Milni, the wedding ceremony, creative portraits in the afternoon, front door bargaining for the groom to take his new wife, and ending with the Dohli’s at both homes. This is a long day, averaging 13-14 hours. The final day involves photographing the reception party, starting with the bride and groom at 4 PM for creative portraits and then partying the night away until midnight, usually 7-8 hours of coverage. This five-day coverage can range from 34 to 40 hours.

Memorable Weddings and Lifelong Connections

One of the most rewarding aspects of Indian wedding photography is the sense of belonging I experience. By the end of the week, I often feel like a member of the family. These weddings move me to my core, and it’s really hard to say goodbye after being so close with my couples and their families for an entire week. For instance, Peter & Shaana’s wedding was so wild, wonderful, and massive that I became an honorary family member and hope to capture many more family milestones in the future.

Capturing the Essence of Sikh and Hindu Ceremonies

Sikh and Hindu ceremonies are both very different but also transcendent to me. Photographing these events feels like a dance that I know very well, anticipating every move. The intricate rituals, the spiritual significance, and the heartfelt emotions create a mesmerizing atmosphere that I strive to capture in every shot. Indian weddings are cool as shit, and I want to photograph yours!

A Photographer for Your Family

My goal is to be more than just your wedding photographer; I want to be your family’s photographer. I aim to create a legacy of beautiful moments that your family can cherish for generations. Many of my couples go to great lengths to put on a memorable and stunning show of love and beauty, and I aim to do the same with the most stunning hand-crafted wedding albums in the world.

Creating Timeless Memories

Over the last 15 years, I have developed a deep understanding of the cultural nuances and significance of Indian wedding traditions. This expertise allows me to capture moments that are not only beautiful but also meaningful. Each photograph is a testament to the love, joy, and traditions that make your wedding day special.

Let’s Create Beautiful Memories Together

Check out all the amazing moments we have captured over the last 15 years! Indian weddings are a blend of tradition, beauty, and celebration, and I am thrilled to be part of these joyous occasions. If you’re looking for a photographer who understands and appreciates the richness of Indian wedding traditions, look no further. Let’s create beautiful memories together at your Indian wedding.

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