Bride & Groom lying in a prairie wheat field in Manitoba photographed by moore photography
a bridal party photo popping champange at their wedding at hawthorne estates
an indian bride posing with her wedding dress and wedding makeup all ready in winnipeg
Bride and Groom on their wedding day photographed in birds hill park
an engagement photo taken in birds hill park by moore photography
a bride and groom on he dance floor at their wedding in winnipeg
a photo of a bride and groom at their first dance in a tent in manitoba
photo of a bride and groom listening to speeches during their wedding reception in winnipeg
Photography that
focuses on the
real stories of
your wedding day
Not just the predictable ones
Every wedding is different,
your wedding is different
I understand you want to be seen as you.
Wedding Photography
"Our engagement and wedding photos will be forever cherished."
"We were sad to see them go at the end of the night"
"Thank you for being worth every penny!"
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Wedding Photographer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba

It’s all about the connections, the love, and yes—the biggest party of your life. These aren’t just parts of your day; they’re the priceless moments that define your story. And that’s precisely what I’m passionate about capturing for you.


I understand that your wedding day is a collection of ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moments, and my approach is crafted to capture the spontaneity and passion of these instances. My photography is not just about pictures; it’s about creating a visual narrative of your day that speaks volumes about your love.

Hi awesome person…

I’m Curtis,

First thing, thank you for being here!

I’m beyond excited to be part of your wedding journey. Let’s create some stunning memories together that you’ll cherish as much as your love for each other. 

At Moore Photography, I’m here to make capturing your day feel effortless and exciting. I know the importance of these moments, and my goal is to let you live them while I discreetly capture the magic. From those candid laughs to the tears of joy, every photograph I take is aimed at telling a part of your story that you’ll want to revisit time and again.

Think of me as more than your photographer; think of me as your day’s storyteller, your memory keeper. Let me spoil you both by not just meeting your expectations but exceeding them. With a knack for catching the raw, genuine emotions and the grand, sweeping moments, I promise to deliver photographs that will make you gasp, cry, and swoon. After all, this is your love story, let’s showcase it in the most breathtaking way possible. Ready to start this adventure?

Curtis Moore

Wedding & Elopements

Think about it—you’re living in “the good ole days” right at this moment. So, who’s by your side? What are the highlights happening right now? What memories will you be laughing about, tearing up over, and recounting to everyone at your next big gathering, or even decades from now? That’s where I come in, camera in hand, heart fully invested, ready to ensure that these are the memories that last a lifetime.

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Welcoming everyone—from couples celebrating new love or anniversaries to expectant parents! You don’t need a wedding to create lasting memories with me. Many of my wedding clients continue our journey together as I capture all their significant family milestones.

Whether it’s documenting your growing family or celebrating personal achievements, I’m here to preserve these precious moments for you. We can choose a location that resonates with you, or explore new vistas together. Let’s capture the genuine emotions and memorable details of your life’s journey, crafting images that you’ll treasure forever.


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Your album is where the story comes to life… not on a screen.

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Tell us about yourselves and your day. We’ll get you availability and pricing info within a few hours.  Feel free to reach us directly at or 204-688-4186