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Are you searching for the perfect wedding venue in Winnipeg? Look no further! As a Winnipeg wedding photographer with 15 years of experience, I have had the pleasure of capturing beautiful memories at all of the amazing wedding venues in the area. From elegant ballrooms to rustic barns, and scenic outdoor spaces, Winnipeg offers an incredible variety of wedding venues to suit every style and budget.

I love them all equally and can honestly say that I have built great relationships with the lovely owners and vendors at each of these venues. This list of the top 25 most popular wedding venues in Winnipeg for 2023 is in no particular order. Whether you choose an affordable wedding venue or a luxury option, I am confident that you will have a wonderful experience and create unforgettable memories.

In this blog post, I will provide a brief overview of each venue, along with some of my favorite photos that I have taken over the years. For more photos and information about each venue, I have included a link to their website as well as a link to weddings I have shot there. If you would like to see more examples, please do not hesitate to contact me.


* NEW * The Leaf – at Assiniboine Park

I am so excited for this place


The Fort Garry Hotel

The Fort Garry Hotel is one of Winnipeg’s most iconic and historic wedding venues. Built in 1913, this grand hotel boasts stunning architectural details, luxurious amenities, and an unrivaled location in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. As a wedding photographer, I always love shooting at the Fort Garry Hotel because of its timeless elegance and romantic atmosphere. From the grand staircase to the ornate ballroom, every detail at this venue is truly breathtaking. Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, the Fort Garry Hotel is the perfect setting for your dream wedding.

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Flip through some highlights at the Fort Garry Hotel from past weddings or go see more here – Leanne & Jared and more weddings

The Gates on Roblin

The Gates on Roblin is a picturesque wedding venue located near Winnipeg, offering both indoor and outdoor options for your special day. This venue holds a special place in my heart, as it was the first wedding venue I had ever photographed at. Since then, I have captured countless beautiful memories at this stunning venue. With elegant gardens and a stunning ballroom, The Gates on Roblin is a favorite of many couples and wedding photographers alike. Whether you’re looking for a rustic outdoor ceremony or a formal ballroom reception, this venue is the perfect choice for an unforgettable wedding experience.

Wedding - Wedding Dress
Photograph - Garden
Photograph - Photography
Wedding - Winnipeg
Black and white - Dog
Wedding Dress - Wedding
Wedding reception - Bridegroom
Pistola Espuma Poliuretano 025St - Lawn
winnipeg makeup artist - Make-up artist
Floral design - Wedding Dress
Photograph - Bride
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Browse through some of my favorite wedding moments captured at the Fort Garry Hotel or check out even more photos from this stunning venue by clicking here Samantha & Ravi and more weddings

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) is a unique and stunning wedding venue located in the heart of Winnipeg. As a photographer, I absolutely love capturing weddings at this venue. The architecture and design of the building are breathtaking, providing an unforgettable backdrop for your special day. Whether you choose to exchange vows in the Garden of Contemplation or the stunning glass atrium, every aspect of the CMHR is infused with symbolism and meaning, making it a truly special and meaningful location to tie the knot. As you celebrate with your loved ones, you can take comfort in the fact that your wedding is being held at a venue that is dedicated to promoting and celebrating human rights. Browse through some of my favorite wedding photos from the CMHR to get inspired for your own wedding celebration at this truly unique and meaningful venue.

Tourist attraction - Monument
Canadian Museum for Human Rights - Angle
Wedding photography - Photograph
Canadian Museum for Human Rights - Melanie Parent Events
Wedding photography - Photograph
Microphone - Black and white
Musical theatre - Concert
Electricity - Black and white
Stock photography - /m/083vt
Light - Angle
Architecture - Tourist attraction
Canadian Museum for Human Rights - Tourism
Melanie Parent Events - Photograph
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Flip through some highlights at the Fort Garry Hotel from past weddings or go see more here – Manuel & Doug

The Manitoba Club

The Manitoba Club is a historic and elegant wedding venue located in downtown Winnipeg. Its sophisticated ambiance, ornate decorations, and sparkling chandeliers make it a top choice for couples seeking a classic and luxurious wedding celebration. As a photographer, I’ve captured some truly beautiful moments at this venue, and the experienced staff ensures that every detail is perfect.

Wedding - Ceremony
Bride - Wedding reception
Wedding photography - Wedding reception
Wedding reception - Ceremony
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Browse through some of my favorite wedding photos from the Manitoba Club to see the unique and unforgettable experience that this venue can offer – Taylor & Nick

Winnipeg Convention Center

Looking for a wedding venue that can accommodate a large number of guests without sacrificing style and elegance? The RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre is a perfect choice! This stunning venue offers a range of options for weddings of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. As a photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing some truly breathtaking moments at this venue, from the sleek and modern interior to the breathtaking views of downtown Winnipeg. With its state-of-the-art facilities, exceptional catering, and experienced staff, the RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre is sure to make your special day one to remember.

Entertainment - Theatre
Architecture - Symmetry
Photograph - Façade
Bride - Black and white
Wallpaper - Nature
Floral design - Centrepiece
Wedding reception - Floral design
Photograph - Black and white
Photograph - Light
Light - Entertainment
Light - Ceremony
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Browse through some of my favorite wedding photos from this venue to see for yourself the incredible experience that it can offer – Marsena & Chris

Bridges Golf Course

If you’re dreaming of a wedding surrounded by lush greens and picturesque landscapes, Bridges Golf Course is the perfect venue for you. This stunning location in the heart of Manitoba offers both indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony and reception, each with breathtaking views of the natural beauty that surrounds it. As a photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing many weddings at this venue and I’m always impressed with how seamlessly the staff manage to combine rustic charm with modern amenities. The friendly and professional team at Bridges Golf Course will work with you to create a personalized and unforgettable wedding experience.

Browse through some of my favorite wedding photos from this venue to see for yourself the natural beauty and unique experience that it can offer – Tara & James

  1. The Fairmont Hotel —– Carina & Andrew
  2. Hy’s Restaurant —– Heather & Jordan
  3. Best Western Hotel —– Felicia & Jeff
  4. The MET —– Melinda & Paul
  5. St. Charles Country Club —– Christine & John
  6. Ralph Connor House —– Emily & Finn

What are the best outdoor/indoor Winnipeg and area Wedding venues?

  1. Bridges Golf Course —– Tara & James
  2. Pineridge Hollow —– Allison & Josh
  3. Starlit Point —– Julie & David
  4. Ashgrove Acres —– Erica & Ryan
  5. Hawthorne Estates —– Dhara & Ryan
  6. The Rustic Wedding Barn —– Nicole & Zach
  7. Fort Whyte Alive —– Colleen & Philip
  8. Fort Gibraltar —– Emily & Steven
  9. Terrace in the Park (Assiniboine Park) —– Reece & Nicole
  10. St. Boniface Golf Club —– Brittany & Eric
  11. Breezy Bend Country Club —– Courtney & Mike
  12. Whitetail Meadows —– Alyssa & Iroebe
  13. Assiniboine Park – Qualico —– Loida & Xay
Wedding venues Winnipeg area

Hotels to get ready in Winnipeg and Area

  1. Fort Garry Hotel
  2. Inn at the Forks
Wedding venues Winnipeg area

If eloping is more your style Winnipeg has many great locations for small weddings and elopements.  Both in nature or near the city.  The easiest is probably City Hall, with many portrait locations downtown in the exchange district. Other easy options are scattered around the city, including the Legislative Building, Assiniboine Park and Birds Hill Park.

Inexpensive or Free Wedding Venues in Winnipeg and area

  1. Assiniboine Park
  2. Legislative Building
  3. City Hall
  4. Falcon Trails
  5. Birds Hill Park
Wedding venues Winnipeg area

We are lucky to have so many incredible wedding venues in Winnipeg, and I hope this list helps you find the perfect one for your special day. If you have any questions or want to know more about a particular venue, please don’t hesitate to contact me. And if you know of a great venue that’s not on this list, please let me know in the comments or send me a message so I can check it out and potentially add it to the list.

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